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A Collection of Eight Luxury Fitzroy Homes. Now Selling.

Drawing inspiration from the inimitable Fitzroy streetscapes, where vanguardism and tradition coalesce with an antagonistic charm, No. 108 seamlessly weaves progressive design elements against its heritage context, to create homes that are defined by a distinctly Fitzroy-vibe. Distinguished by thoughtfully selected materials, chosen to complement the existing fabric of its locale, while standing alone as a stunning architectural form, in a crowded market No. 108 ascends as an empathetic reverberation of the community and its values.

A unique addition to the suburb, offering a collection of just eight homes, No. 108 finds a rare urban-harmony between building a sense of community and connection, and a place of private retreat. The architectural cloak has been treated with cleverly layered elements, thoughtfully placed for spacial, aesthetic and functional cohesion. Inside the homes you will find the same sensitivity to space and connection. Generous rooms teem with natural light and floorplans resist traditional perimeters, leaving space for the personalisation and flow of your own daily rhythms.

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Epitomising the nuances of modern-urban lifestyles, each iteration of space within the homes of No. 108 is given to building a sense of calm and ease. Intimately crafted to feel like a stand-alone home, each home’s sense of privacy is bolstered by the considered placement of windows and doors, as well as the inclusion of landscaping elements that, while adding a touch of nature, also work as lush veils between outside and in.

Arguably No. 108’s most inimitable feature, each home comes boasting its own, private rooftop terrace. Not satisfied with reserving its distinct style to the confines of its walls, the same commitment to echoing Fitzroy’s essence is palpable from the heights of the terrace, where your proximity to the city is most evident. Generously sized and equipped with a suite of enhancements to encourage social interactions, the true sanctuary of No. 108 resounds the loudest from its roof.

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So much of No. 108’s contemporaneity is owed to the layers of intimacy that are created through the placement of unexpected pockets of curated landscaping. Imbuing what is an ultimately urban-dwelling with a sense of serenity and disconnection, from the bustling city-scape that lies just beyond, these moments of considered natural immersion create the distinct feeling of retreat for the resident community and invite the opportunity for neighbourly connections.

Thoughtful floorplans cleverly play on space, uniting rooms to intuit the flow of daily rhythms and stimulate interactions. Living areas have been considered to anticipate how modern lifestyles unfold, with a seamless continuity from one area to the next that is accentuated by the flow of natural air and light. A suite of materials have been selected that, while tactilely luxurious and classically robust, create a distinctly timeless aesthetic. Textural cement ceilings add a raw durability to the otherwise soft finishes of interiors, left deliberately neutral to encourage personalisation within the spaces.

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Shrewdly approaching kitchen and dining spaces, No. 108 continues on its trajectory of unpretentious and minimalist design with a calculated simplicity. Cognisant of functionality and usability, kitchens have been crafted to capitalise on precious storage and bench space, while preventing clutter. Fitted with both essentials and luxuries chosen for their ability to contribute to your experience of effortlessness, these thoughtfully designed spaces are above all intended to make life simpler for residents and thus, intimately more liveable.

Ethereal and serene, generous bathrooms resist excess with their simple design elements, finding distinction in the texturally luxurious materials that have been utilised throughout. While each aspect of these pristine modern spaces has been meticulously selected to impart an element of easy elegance to daily rituals, just as important is the delight that is found performing these typically mundane tasks within the spaces.

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Epitomising No. 108’s enduring consideration of both space and liveability, while the living areas are split over various levels, there remains a clear narrative to how each level anticipates daily activity. Beginning your day in the upper heights of the home, where the light softly warms bedrooms, gently awakening to the day, the living levels are conveniently found closer to the street level, adding an element of ease to arriving and departing.

Drawing on an unflinching rhetoric of innovation, homes come benefitted from an air of modern seamlessness that fosters the capacity for capitalising on space. Inclusions such as the underground car-stacking system and bicycle storage facility, offer residents a rare facet of inner-urban-dwelling, the opportunity to walk, cycle or pull the car from the garage. With council parking permits becoming an almost fabled ‘urban myth’, the provision of multiple undercover car spaces, adds yet another element of exclusivity to No. 108.

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Let your imagination run wild.

Fitzroy is exactly what you make of it. Separated from Melbourne CBD only by a thick fringe of gardens, this inner northern suburb is where imagination reaches its full potential. Unapologetically creative and refreshingly down-to-earth, there is a sense here that good things are always just around the corner — because they are.

From the best croissants in Melbourne around the corner at Lune to the candy colours that frame the footpath outside Flowers Vasette’s well-stocked florist space; from the proud community values of Fitzroy Primary School to the convenience of transport along both Brunswick and Smith Streets; Fitzroy contains all the diversity and excitement you’d expect from a suburb in the heart of the world’s most liveable city, with a charm that’s made irresistible by the character and warmth of the local community.

Fitzroy is the suburb that never sleeps.

Synonymous with good times, good food, good drinks and good company, this singular suburb offers slices of life as large or as small as your appetite demands.

When it comes to eating, no one does it quite like Fitzroy. Never one to follow, the inexhaustible expanse running from Johnston to Gertrude and from Brunswick to Smith is where most of the city’s food trends can be traced back to.

No matter what you seek, you’d be hard-pressed to find a cuisine that isn’t represented in this walkable distance. One could easily spend entire days in Fitzroy hopping from café to café until the time comes to switch to wine. From regular to almond milk lattes, biodynamic Pinot to bacon Bloody Mary’s, this suburb not only caters to the most diverse tastes, it also continually unearths new flavours and favourites for those looking to build on the familiar.

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FOURSQ has emerged from its inception in 2010 as an award winning, highly accredited builder and developer. The company has gone from strength to strength; growing from 3 to over 50 highly skilled employees. A stand out performer for a business of its age and size, in both 2014 and 2015 FOURSQ was recognised by the Master Builders Association of Victoria, as the most excellent commercial builder for projects in the up to $3m and the $5m – $10m categories respectively. The FOURSQ team has a proven track record in delivering high quality construction and development projects, continually striving to take the step above on each project it undertakes, No. 108 being an exhibit of exactly that.

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BKK Architects was founded in 2000 by Tim Black, Julian Kosloff and Simon Knott. The focus of our practice is ideas, design thinking and delivering complete solutions for our clients. This is achieved from within a vibrant, studio based environment that also encompasses a highly professional and efficient structure of management and project delivery. BKK specialise in design and problem solving rather than specific building typologies. This means we can offer creative solutions to a range of project types. Our client base includes institutional bodies; government entities; small and large developers; the corporate sector; retail; and both private and public housing.

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